I stood outside
And heard the sound of nothing
And I was ok
Alone under the stars
But I was cold so I came inside


Written Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 3:31 AM. A pic from later this day, the winter solstice, appears below; the above pic, coincidentally (?), is from December 21, 2016.


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I turned off the moon for you

There’s a #supermoon on the rise

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On resin, on fossils, on memories of nobody trapped in amber…
On transcending nature
Nature is the god of the past
Holding us down
She knows

There’s a deeper way to care
And take care

I saw the moon through a smeared window
I felt her hot breath that smelled metallic and promising of decay
I loved her
I was glad to have the smeared window shielding us from the cold
Though I imagined what it might be like to open the window
And, the screen
Open to everything in and out
But only imagined

I still enjoyed the moon
But I turned it off for you


What’s this? New in 2018!

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Social media, such as it is now for most of us, is bad for healthy mindfulness

The very act of my considering how I should capture what I’m doing in a ‘special’ moment (or something that would warrant, in my mind, a share—which is so much when you are a performance artist at heart who missed their calling…) goes against that one thing that will save us all—being mindful, meditating, getting off the eternal psychological hamster wheel of hedonism. OK, that’s like three things, if you’re using the commas to keep up, but they’re all part of that one thing (wow, the holy trinity kind of makes sense to me now when I’m trying to defend my crazy little philosophical blip).

So, I only posted this one pic the whole weekend, even though so many times I thought about what I was doing and even took pictures and thought of things I would write to caption them. But I resisted. I didn’t resist enough because I read social, but, I’m getting there.


Anyway, yeah, using social media constantly behind the scenes of what one does all day will do nothing to help a person who is trying to achieve a higher level of peace and wellbeing and may actually hinder them, I am finding.

I think it’s very unrealistic to think a person would completely eschew social media at this point in history, though, so some balanced place to be on this must be found. To me, it seems that having a designated time for doing it would be helpful…

And that might well flow into other aspects of life. This multitasking thing laid the groundwork for social media takeoff and now its proliferance depends on our constant multitasking. But I am experiencing negative results from the level of multitasking I’ve been into, or…I think I could experience more satisfying results if I single tasked more.

This is very funny because I am typing while sort of cleaning up the kitchen and keeping an eye on lasagna I’m prepping for dinner later today—first field hockey scrimmage so I want dinner to be ready when we get home.

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Let go

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Blue Ridge

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Pinball OM

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Every little thing is gonna be alright

In the end, everything will be OK…

If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

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