Every little thing is gonna be alright

In the end, everything will be OK…

If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

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Holy smoke, 2017!

Man, I haven’t posted in a year. I have had a really active year, mentally…emotionally. Et cetera! But I guess I have written about it other places than here. I am going to try and be more committed to posting my art this year. Maybe that can be my thing. Except I won’t tell anyone. The latest “About” is here.

So, I’m kind of embarrassed for being so into Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys last year. It was weird. I mean, I appreciate him as a genius and all that, but I just like a much broader variety of music and the Beach Boys lore…I tire of it. Anyway, this year I am back into bossa nova. I am currently obsessed with Jobim’s Wave. So good. It is perfect and puts me into the best mood so easily. Just like some crazy audio opiate. Mmm.

And then I was digging this because Randall was telling me things from the book on The Replacements he recently read (and some documentary we had on, not that good, but the book sounded good). I like the band and feel like I missed out when they were first out there…Bastards of Young always gets to me, as a person who struggles with feelings of resentment toward my parents (isn’t that awful?!?). And I will always also remember a fun, cute thing Randall said in an email to me about that song. I will keep it private for now.

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Art for the New Year

So, I figured a new year is a good time to try to rekindle some art creation and to help stoke me up, I gathered some older stuff, some more recent stuff, and a few I made just days ago and put them all together on a Pinterest page. I’ll add to it as I go.

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The sushi bird

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“Those guys got high on nothing, hey?
Sip your tea and you’ll see; this is good green tea.” ‪#‎greenteanadme‬


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USA, Today…




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My complicated relationship with nature, part II

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Never too hoppy, but maybe too much?

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My complicated relationship with nature, part I

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Take refuge in your in-breath

I suggest you take refuge in your in-breath, surrender to your in-breath, identify with your in-breath. Don’t take refuge in anything abstract. Take refuge in something very concrete: your in-breath. Taking refuge like that, your fear, anger and restlessness will disappear.

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